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Tips On Cutting Costs

It's Never Too Late To Start Saving For College. Below Are A Few Ways To Save Extra Cash And Some Ideas On How You Can Lessen Your Expenses Once You Get To College.

  • Open a savings account

  • Save money you receive as gifts

  • Ask yourself if you really need things before you buy them

  • Become a Resident Assistant (RA) and get free or discounted room and board

  • Pick the right meal plan so you don't pay for meals you're not eating

  • Buy used text books

* Keep In Mind That Some Choices, Like Changing Schools And Majors, Taking Longer Than Prescribed To Complete Your Schooling, Or Studying Abroad, Could Increase Your Costs Of School. Before You Make Such Decisions, Consult Your School's Financial Aid Office And Do All The Research You Can To Understand How These Decisions Factor Into Your Total Cost Of College.